Saturday 2nd February 2013

M2 1 - Harpenden 2s 3

In a game closer than it appears from the score, Stevenage Mens 2nd XI went away from home with a Watson-less front line due to a marital affair. A slight mix-up in timings meant Stevenage had to start with 9 men at the Brache, but held the advances of Harpenden easily. Within 10 minutes the away side were up to the regulation 11 and the game was on.

Harpenden kept up the pressure and eventually found goal when the defense got a little overloaded and the opposition slotted one home easily. Not happy to allow Harpenden an easy time of it Stevenage soon countered with a signature knock-and-run from Harry Wheeler finding his way into the D from the half way line to set Olly Holt up for yet another goal this season.

The home advantage soon told, however, when a short corner gave both umpires something to consider. Ball injected, ball stopped, ball struck, ball hits ruck in the obviously faded carpet of the Brache and travels upwards - into the net. Complaints from Stevenage were taken into account, but the goal was given as the ball was adjudged to have been travelling upwards and over the line at the height of the back board. 2-1.

The second half saw the 2s step up the pressure and create some decent chances, but in doing so the defense got a little exposed and allowed a one-on-one with Dan Dove, who, despite his best efforts, just narrowly avoided getting the ball stopped between his feet. 3-1 and no return for Stevenage.

M5 1 - Welwyn Garden City 4s 3

Another big effort by the 5’s ended in defeat to Welwyn Garden City by 3 goals to 1. We played well for much of the game but some defensive slips by us and good play by the away team let them in to score their goals. Mike Hamid played well in goal and was unfortunate to be on the losing side. Aytan, Tom and Matthew played well with some good tackling and passing. Matin Elliott was pleased to score his first goal of the season. Guests Scott, Danny and Chris all helped to improve our game in the absence of a couple of regulars taken by the higher teams.

Saturday 9th February 2013

L2s 2 – Cheshunt 1s 1

Dave Church made his first appearance for Stevenage almost a year since he suffered a critical illness. He didn’t quite make it to the nets but did save the L2’s from forfeiting their game, kindly stepping in to fill the absent umpire’s shoes.

Visiting Cheshunt have proved many a captain’s nemesis in recent seasons, but Wile E. Coyote Becs McGrellis had a cunning plan. Three major lessons were learned from that first dark, wet and frankly miserable game: 1) Cheshunt’s keeper is awesome and if you can’t play round her you’re doomed, 2) Cheshunt also have a devillishly good distributer in their armoury and 3) Cheshunt utilise the kettling technique to full effect. To counter Cheshunt’s strengths, Captain McGrellis deployed Liz ‘Terminator’ Gates to neutralise the distributer, instructed the midfield to keep the ball moving across the field and despatched three roadrunners up front to create options in front of goal.

McGrellis’s plan proved so cunning you could pin a tail on it and call it a fox. Player of the match Gates played her pivotal stalker role with such great effect that Stevenage were on the attack for much of the first half. A leading ball from Debbi Church to ‘youngster’ Gemma Penny set up the first goal. Penny picked up the ball perfectly, slipped it into the D to a screaming Alfie Gunther who popped a cheeky one back across the keeper for Penny to drive home from the right post. Mindful of their Captain’s instructions, the midfield continued to distribute the ball back and forth across the pitch keeping Cheshunt on the run throughout the first half.

Ten minutes into the second half Stevenage notched up their second with a text book short corner routine. Resisting the urge to tonk the ball straight at goal, Jules Rhodes returned the injection straight back to McGrellis who swept the ball past the keeper. Cheshunt never gave up and as the rather mature Stevenage side tired, they got their kettles out and started to brew some trouble. Closing the reds down on the right, a break left the homeside with just one defender back. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but one Stevenage would have happily done without as Cheshunt played them at their own game, deftly playing a one-two to slip it into goal.

Stevenage kept calm and carried on for the remainder of what was a great evenly matched game between two fair minded teams. Snow permitting, the reds travel to Bedford next Saturday for what will no doubt be a rather physical contest.

Saturday 16th February 2013

L1 3 - Crostyx 2s 1

Having not scored since the 1st December 2012, the three well executed goals from Lucy Harvey (2) and Deb Church (1) were a welcome change, even when the team had to dive for safety after a rather enthusiastic celebration from one member of the team throwing her stick high into the air.

M5 1 - Shefford & Sandy 3s 5

This was a disappointing result as we had high expectations after last weeks improvement. The different formation did not work out and the substitutions seem to bring confusion and therefore the first half was one of chasing the ball against a very good Shefford & Sandy side. Stevenage were 3 down by half time, despite some good work from Matthew Spicer supporting the front two. The second half was better with more short passing and running. We built up pressure and got into good positions and eventually scored through Aytan Sarisoy with a terrific shot from just inside the D. The normally fairly solid defence made a couple of mistakes letting S&S in for two more, but we were definitely better this half. Maybe the Twirls provided by Mic at half time did the trick???

M6 1 - Rickmansworth 3s 15

The M6 team went out with only 10 men even with Dave Church standing as keeper and Dave Hamid managing to get to the game after a 9am landing at Gatwick the team battled bravely for the entire game with a goal scored by Tom Wharton and a half time score of 7-1, they continued to push hard but to no avail with a final score of 15-1 to Rickmansworth.

Saturday 23rd February 2013

L1 0 - Letchworth 1s 0

Hot on the heels of the 3-1 win at Crostyx away in North East London last week, Stevenage Ladies 1st XI appear to at last be turning their disappointing season around.

This week’s local derby between Letchworth and Stevenage on 23rd February 2013, on paper, had Stevenage conceding another match, and slipping dangerously towards the relegation zone. In 17 games, Letchworth had secured 8 wins and 4 draws, compared to Stevenage’s 3 wins and 2 draws. Their previous meeting at Letchworth resulted in a confident 6 - 1 win for Letchworth. However, a solid performance from a team with a new spirit and attitude that have pulled together, meant Stevenage held their rivals to a well earned 0 - 0 draw, gaining a much needed point in their end of season run to avoid relegation.

At times Stevenage looked to have the upper hand over a skilled and speedy Letchworth side and they were challenging the Letchworth keeper, providing her with lots of action. After one penalty corner deflection from Deb Church was saved by the top goalpost, Stevenage found a new lease of life and seemed to battle every battle, and did on a few occasions look like scoring. The endless effort by the defence, especially Nicola Brackley-George and Becky Graves coupled with many great saves from GK Nat Leach kept Stevenage in contention throughout the game. It seemed the whole team started to work together, from the defence, through the mid-field and up to the forward like in a way that has been missing throughout the season, stringing passes together like a well oiled team. I am very proud of the performance put up on Saturday from each and every member of the team, and encourage everybody’s contribution to continue for the rest of the season.

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