6th September 2014

Friendly Vs St Ives 3 - Won 4-2 (3-2 at half time)
Aytan Saisory, Tim Brewer, Thomas Hall, David Griffith

St Ives 3's are a division above SHC M2's so this was going to be a tough encounter for the first game back. About half the team were new or returning players and took a bit of time to settle. St Ives had the majority of the first 10 minutes and were pressing Stevenage hard. But as the confidence grew Stevenage started to push back, but got caught by a sloppy hit out of defence from Geoff Trew, a swift counter and Stevenage were 1-0 down. But two minutes latter a great bit of individual skill form Tim Wright led to a melee around their goal, a decision was made that the ball had crossed the line and that Aytan Sarisoy had the last touch. Stevenage made the error or relaxing and simple shot by St Ives got stuck in the keepers pads and they were the first to react and scored an easy goal to retake the lead. Stevenage didn't let their heads drop and once more returned up the field with some great work from the wide players and Stevenage drew a short corner, Tim Wright faked the shot and slipped the ball wide to Tim Brewer who smashed the ball home.

With Stevenage's defence starting to join up, the game slowed Until Dan Farnan made a run down the right and crossed the ball. Thomas Hall was there for the easiest of knock ins, but the ball spun up in the air and the chance looked lost. Somehow Thomas got a second chance and hit the ball out of the air and into the still open goal. Half time and 3-2 up.

Stevenage scored early in the second half with Harry Wheeler beating the keeper and then slipping the ball across the goal for and elegant reverse sweep from David Griffith. A great start to the season and a sign of the team work that the man of the man vote was split between five of the players.

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